Analytical services

A limited overview of our analytical services, please contact us for more information

Stable isotope measurements

Isolab owns four state-of-the-art Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers each coupled to a modern GC (GC-IRMS), which are used to analyse the isotope ratio of your geochemical samples. Some common asked analyses are:
- d13C isotopes of light hydrocarbons (C1-C5) in compressed gasses and mud gasses (headspace).
- dH isotopes of light hydrocarbons (C1-C5) and hydrogen in compressed gasses and mud gasses.
- d18O and d13C of CO2.
- d15N of nitrogen.
- d13C of whole oils or fractions (by Elemental Analyser-IRMS).
- d13C of solid carbon samples (by Elemental Analyser-IRMS).

Composition analyses

Eight modern Gas Chromatographs (GC's) are used to analyze chemical compositions of oil and gas samples. The chemists of Isolab are always alert for unexpected compounds in the samples and will contact the customer when action is needed.
Some of the possible analyses are:
- Composition (C1-C5, C6+, H2, N2, CO2, O2) of compressed gasses.
- Composition (relative amount of C1-C5 and absolute concentration of C1) of mud gasses or headspace samples.
- Composition of light compounds (C6-C8) in gas and oil samples.

Oil fingerprinting

- Fingerprinting of whole oil samples (C7-C25) by GCxGC.
- Analysis of a certain group of components in an oil by GCxGC (for instance mono-aromatics or di-aromatics).

Oil fingerprinting by GCxGC
Oil fingerprinting by GCxGC

Other services

Separation of oil samples in saturate, aromatic and resin fractions by MPLC.
Thin Layer Chromatography (fast fingerprinting of oil samples) using an Iatroscan with FID-detector.
Grinding facilities, Soxhlet extraction, Total Organic Carbon content by LECO-CS200.
Production of polished rock in polyester blocks for macerale (microscope) analysis.