Frequently asked questions

Questions that are frequently asked and their answers

frequently asked questions

Do you offer analyses that are not on your website?

Not all our analyses are listed on our website, please let us know your wishes and we can discuss the possibillities.

Where should I send my samples?

Please send your samples to the following address and inform us at
Isolab B.V.
Heesterseweg 29
5386KT Geffen
The Netherlands

What kind of sample containers do you accept?

We accept a wide range of sample containers. Samples in pressurized cylinders, tubes, jars, cans, vials, gas bags and flasks are regularly sent to us. Please contact us if you hesitate about your sample containers and we can discuss the possibilities.

What are the minimum concentrations for isotopic analysis?

  • Methane: ca. 25ppm for carbon isotope and ca 300ppm for hydrogen isotope
  • Ethane-pentane: ca. 1ppm for carbon isotopes
  • Nitrogen isotopes of N2: ca. 0.5%
  • Hydrogen isotopes of H2: ca. 500ppm
  • Carbon isotopes of CO2: Depends on sample

  • The lower the concentration, the more material is needed for an analysis. Please be aware that for the analysis of the lowest concentrations ca.5ml gas is required for a single analysis.

    What are the additional costs for cryogenic enrichment?

    Cryogenic enrichment is used for isotopic analysis on low concentration compounds when necessary at no additional costs

    How quickly will my samples been analyzed?

    The turnaround time depends on the amount of samples and the requested analyses, but usually a full set of analyses will take about 3 weeks. When results are needed more quickly, please contact us for the possibilities.

    What happens with my samples after analysis?

    Gas cylinders and other samples will be returned on request. The remaining samples will be retained for a certain period and be disposed of after approval of the customer