ISOLAB is a small, highly specialised laboratory serving the oil industry with analyses of all samples related to oil and gas exploration. The most important techniques in use are Gas Chromatography (GC) to determine chemical compositions and Gas Chromatography coupled with Stable Isotope Mass spectrometry (GC-IRMS) to determine the isotopic characteristics of these compounds. Besides that, Isolab also has capabilities to analyse TOC, Rock-Eval and carbon isotope ratio's of rock samples.
ISOLAB is an independent commercial laboratory, so is not attached to any government or university, assuring that samples are always analysed by highly skilled personnel.
ISOLAB, founded in the 1980's by Mr. Rob Kreulen (PhD) has large oil companies as wel as specialized exploration companies and universities/reasearch centra as his customers.
ISOLAB always tries to be at the forefront of analytical capabilities, owning for example a THEMO MAT 253 Mass spectrometer with capability to measure accurately hydrogen isotopes and a THERMO TRACE GCxGC to characterise accurately different groups of compounds in oil samples such as aromatics and cyclo-alkanes.